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Why should you hire a birthing photographer? 

#1. Memories. 
Nothing would be better than looking back at these photos of your little one the day they were born years from now; whether its five years from now or fifty. The first time you saw them, their first cry, the way your partner looks at you after you just brought his child into the world. Of course, these moments will forever stay in your heart, but a photograph has a way of taking you right back into the moment where that final push brought you to your baby.

#2. The Details You May Have Otherwise Missed.
A lot goes on behinds the scenes and when your at the moment where labor is almost so unbearable you focus on nothing other than getting through the pain to meet your baby. In those moments there might be events you will miss. The heartbeat on the monitor, your spouse rubbing your back, and when the baby does arrive the weigh-in scale is so far from your bed, you might not have the view to see what is happening. However, having a photographer there to capture all these moments to ensure you can look back at everything and not miss a single second of the journey of bringing your sweet baby into the world.

#3. Allowing You To Be Present.
Breathing through contractions, dealing with the pain, and giving it all you have when it comes time to push can and will take a lot out of you, nevermind worrying about who has the camera and what images they are taking. Take that extra pressure off yourself and let me take care of capturing these moments for you. 

#4. Allowing Your Spouse To Be Present. 
This is one of the main reasons I stress the importance of having a birthing photographer in the room. 
Let your spouse set down the camera and focus entirely on you. Let them help when every contraction hits; whether its a hand to squeeze, 
a back to rub, or just some words of encouragement. Let your spouse experience the day fully without having to worry about getting the perfect picture. And not to mention allowing him to be in each photo with you. 

#5. Quality. 
Yes, new cellphones are now coming out with better cameras, but nothing will beat a professional using their equipment. Knowing how to set the settings no matter the lighting situation to still capture the perfect photo is something cell phones will just never beat a professional at. 

#6. Professional. 
Not only do I provide high-quality images, but the calmness I bring to their birth experience and the extra hand if ever needed. I understand the flow of the birth, and how to position myself, so I am not in the way of the nurses and doctors yet still able to capture every moment needed.

#7. A Gift For You.
No gift will ever beat that beautiful baby you will soon bring home from the hospital but getting those images back might be the best gift to help with any postpartum you might be having. Going through your birthing images will bring you back to that moment and have the feelings come right back. After all the pain you would have endeared it doesn't hurt to give yourself the present that will last a lifetime.

Birthing Photography is only $371.
Message for more details and book your birthing session today.

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